Helping you live beyond your cubicle through fee only financial planning & investment management.

The benefits go far beyond money


Stress Relief

Worrying about money stinks. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming, and it all takes a toll on your emotions. We can put a plan and processes in place that will allow you to save with purpose, spend without guilt, and get some sleep.



You or your spouse may think "I'm just not good with money" or "I'm not able to understand investments". Let's change that around. My services are designed to provide you the education and confidence to gain a full understanding of your financial life.


Living your values

Want to travel? Give to charity? Try that startup? Trade in a higher paying job for more fulfilling work? With Java Wealth Planning, we will make sure the dollars that you earn today are put to work in a way that reflect you, and get you living out the best version of yourself.


Time well spent

Your time and energy are extremely valuable. By getting your money in order early and partnering with Java Wealth Planning, you'll be able to spend more time with the people you love doing the things you love. Take those family vacations, make those memories, have fun!



Money problems is cited as one of the most common reasons for divorce. On top of that, going through a divorce wreaks havoc on your finances. We'll focus on creating an environment where both you and your spouse have a voice, and are moving forward with a common vision. Have kids? Be a model of what good stewardship looks like, and your kids will be able to carry that forward for the next generation.


Meet Mike

I come from the world of Information Technology, and I also love to nerd out on personal finance. Read more about my story of how I came to pursue my passion by starting Java Wealth Planning.